Building Services Commissioning

Fulcom provides a broad range of commissioning services, including the proportional balancing of Air and Water systems, and Hot Water Services commissioning.

Our engineers work to the procedures set out in the BSRIA Guides, which should ensure compliance with the requirements of the CIBSE Commissioning Codes and achieve the ultimate aim of handing over HVAC systems which perform as the designer intended.

Domestic Hot Water Systems are balanced on temperature to ensure compliance with Approved Code of Practice and guidance (ACoP L8) "Legionnaires' Disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems"

Once complete, concise yet detailed Commissioning Reports are issued for inclusion in the Building O&M Manual and to satisfy the Requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations

Tank Cleaning & Disinfection of Potable Water Systems (Chlorination)

Cleaning and disinfection of potable water systems is undertaken by fully trained engineers in accordance with BS EN 806:2010 using methods contained in complementary guidance, BS 8558:2011.

Following completion of the works, water samples will be sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis of Microbial content and a comprehensive Disinfection (Chlorination) Certificate issued.

Pre-Commissioning Cleaning of Pipework Systems

Our engineers can undertake thorough cleaning of existing and new heating and chilled water systems in accordance with the BSRIA Guide BG29/2012

Pre-commission cleaning is achieved through a process of flushing and chemical cleaning (where required) followed by the addition of biocides and inhibitors. Systems that are designed and cleaned in accordance with BSRIA's guidance are far less likely to experience operating problems.

CSW Tank Cleaning

Cleaning of Potable Storage Tank.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Potable Storage tanks is required before they are brought in to service and whenever inspections deem it necessary.

Pre-Commission Cleaning.

Strainers are installed in heating and cooling systems to prevent damage to pumps caused by dirt and other particles in the water.  Dirty strainers can significantly decrease efficiency of heating and cooling systems, and lead to cold/hot spots.  Unlike the majority of commissioning companies, Fulcom undertake pre-commission cleaning on new and existing heating and cooling systems using our own in-house engineers

LTHW PX Strainer Dirty

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